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VB. Alpha transparency channel instances in the NET Show UpgradeLog.XML Source code

Return Download VB. Alpha transparency channel instances in the NET: download UpgradeLog.XML Source code - Download VB. Alpha transparency channel instances in the NET Source code - Type:.XML
  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='_UpgradeReport_Files/UpgradeReport.xslt'?><UpgradeLog>
  2. <Properties><Property Name="Solution" Value="AlphaFix">
  3. </Property><Property Name="解决方案文件" Value="E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\AlphaFix.sln">
  4. </Property><Property Name="用户选项文件" Value="E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\AlphaFix.suo">
  5. </Property><Property Name="Date" Value="2006年10月4日">
  6. </Property><Property Name="Time" Value="12:55">
  7. </Property></Properties><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="" Source="AlphaFix.sln" Description="文件已成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\AlphaFix.sln">
  8. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="" Source="AlphaFix.suo" Description="文件已成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\AlphaFix.suo">
  9. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="AlphaFix.vbproj" Description="项目文件已成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\AlphaFix.vbproj">
  10. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="AlphaFix.vbproj.user" Description="项目用户文件成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\AlphaFix.vbproj.user">
  11. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="AssemblyInfo.vb" Description="文件已成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\AssemblyInfo.vb">
  12. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="Form1.vb" Description="文件已成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\Form1.vb">
  13. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="Form1.resx" Description="文件已成功备份为 E:\VBDNET\AlphaFix16741011202003\AlphaFix\Backup\Form1.resx">
  14. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="AlphaFix.vbproj" Description="项目已成功转换">
  15. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="3" Project="AlphaFix" Source="AlphaFix.vbproj" Description="Converted">
  16. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="" Source="AlphaFix.sln" Description="成功转换解决方案">
  17. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="3" Project="" Source="AlphaFix.sln" Description="Converted">
  18. </Event><Event ErrorLevel="0" Project="AlphaFix" Source="AlphaFix.vbproj" Description="扫描完成: 项目文件不需要升级。">
  19. </Event></UpgradeLog>
downloadUpgradeLog.XML Source code - Download VB. Alpha transparency channel instances in the NET Source code
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