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  1. config.ButtonDir = "blue";
  2. config.InitMode = "EDIT";
  3. config.AutoDetectPasteFromWord = "1";
  4. config.ShowBorder = "0";
  5. config.StateFlag = "1";
  6. config.CssDir = "coolblue";
  8. function showToolbar(){
  10.         document.write ("<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width='100%' class='Toolbar' id='eWebEditor_Toolbar'><tr><td><div class=yToolbar><DIV CLASS=TBHandle></DIV><SELECT CLASS=TBGen onchange=\"format('FormatBlock',this[this.selectedIndex].value);this.selectedIndex=0\">"+lang["FormatBlock"]+"</SELECT><SELECT CLASS=TBGen onchange=\"formatFont('fontname',this[this.selectedIndex].value);this.selectedIndex=0\">"+lang["FontName"]+"</SELECT><SELECT CLASS=TBGen onchange=\"formatFont('fontsize',this[this.selectedIndex].value);this.selectedIndex=0\">"+lang["FontSize"]+"</SELECT><SELECT CLASS=TBGen onchange=\"doZoom(this[this.selectedIndex].value)\"><option value='10'>10%</option><option value='25'>25%</option><option value='50'>50%</option><option value='75'>75%</option><option value='100' selected>100%</option><option value='150'>150%</option><option value='200'>200%</option><option value='500'>500%</option></SELECT><DIV CLASS=TBSep></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["EditMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('edit')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/editmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["FontMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('font')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/fontmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["ParagraphMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('paragraph')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/paragraphmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["ComponentMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('component')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/componentmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["ObjectMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('object')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/objectmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["ToolMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('tool')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/toolmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["FormMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('form')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/formmenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["TableMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('table')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/tablemenu.gif'></DIV><DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["FileMenu"]+"' onclick=\"showToolMenu('file')\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/filemenu.gif'></DIV>");
  12.         if (sFullScreen=="1"){
  13.                 document.write ("<DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["Minimize"]+"' onclick=\"parent.Minimize()\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/minimize.gif'></DIV>");
  14.         }else{
  15.                 document.write ("<DIV CLASS=Btn TITLE='"+lang["Maximize"]+"' onclick=\"Maximize()\"><IMG CLASS=Ico SRC='buttonimage/blue/maximize.gif'></DIV>");
  16.         }
  18.         document.write ("</div></td></tr></table>");
  20. }
downloadmini.js Source code - Download Pcook CMS bubble guest v3.0 SDCMS version Source code
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