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  1. //
  2. // Documentatation of defines used in PDFsharp
  3. //
  4. #if NET_1_1
  5. // Compile code for .Net 1.1
  6. #elif NET_2_0
  7. // Compile code for .Net 2.0
  8. #else
  9. #error Either NET_1_1 or NET_2_0 must be defined
  10. #endif
  12. #if MIGRADOC
  13. // empira internal only: Some hacks that make PDFsharp behave like PDFlib when used with Asc.RenderContext.
  14. // Applies to MigraDoc 1.2 only. The Open Source MigraDoc lite does not need this define
  15. #endif
  17. #if Gdip
  18. // PDFsharp based on System.Drawing classes
  20. #if GdipUseGdiObjects
  21. // PDFsharp X graphics classes have implicit cast operators for GDI+ objects.
  22. // Define this to make it easier to use older code with PDFsharp.
  23. // Undefine this to prevent dependencies to GDI+
  24. #endif
  25. #elif WinFX
  26. // PDFsharp based on Windows Presentation Foundation in a future release...
  27. // (Current version will not compile with WinFX defined)
  28. #else
  29. #error Either GdipUseGdiObjects or WinFX must be defined
  30. #endif
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