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  1. BODY {margin:0px;border:0px}
  2. TD {font-size:9pt;font-family:"宋体,Verdana,Arial"}
  3. TABLE.Menu {border-top:window 1px solid;border-left:window 1px solid;border-bottom:buttonshadow 1px solid;border-right:buttonshadow 1px solid;background-color:#0072BC}
  4. TD.RightBg {background-color:buttonface}
  5. TD.MouseOver {background-color:highlight;color:highlighttext;cursor:default;}
  6. TD.MouseOut {background-color:buttonface;color:buttontext;cursor:default;}
  7. TD.HrShadow {background-color:buttonshadow;}
  8. TD.HrHighLight {background-color:buttonhighlight;}
downloadMenuArea.css Source code - Download QQ number network source v1.0 Source code
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