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  1. ?*
  2. Copyright (c) 2003-2012, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
  3. For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
  4. */
  6. CKEDITOR.plugins.setLang('specialchar','en',{euro:'Euro sign',lsquo:'Left single quotation mark',rsquo:'Right single quotation mark',ldquo:'Left double quotation mark',rdquo:'Right double quotation mark',ndash:'En dash',mdash:'Em dash',iexcl:'Inverted exclamation mark',cent:'Cent sign',pound:'Pound sign',curren:'Currency sign',yen:'Yen sign',brvbar:'Broken bar',sect:'Section sign',uml:'Diaeresis',copy:'Copyright sign',ordf:'Feminine ordinal indicator',laquo:'Left-pointing double angle quotation mark',not:'Not sign',reg:'Registered sign',macr:'Macron',deg:'Degree sign',sup2:'Superscript two',sup3:'Superscript three',acute:'Acute accent',micro:'Micro sign',para:'Pilcrow sign',middot:'Middle dot',cedil:'Cedilla',sup1:'Superscript one',ordm:'Masculine ordinal indicator',raquo:'Right-pointing double angle quotation mark',frac14:'Vulgar fraction one quarter',frac12:'Vulgar fraction one half',frac34:'Vulgar fraction three quarters',iquest:'Inverted question mark',Agrave:'Latin capital letter A with grave accent',Aacute:'Latin capital letter A with acute accent',Acirc:'Latin capital letter A with circumflex',Atilde:'Latin capital letter A with tilde',Auml:'Latin capital letter A with diaeresis',Aring:'Latin capital letter A with ring above',AElig:'Latin Capital letter 脝',Ccedil:'Latin capital letter C with cedilla',Egrave:'Latin capital letter E with grave accent',Eacute:'Latin capital letter E with acute accent',Ecirc:'Latin capital letter E with circumflex',Euml:'Latin capital letter E with diaeresis',Igrave:'Latin capital letter I with grave accent',Iacute:'Latin capital letter I with acute accent',Icirc:'Latin capital letter I with circumflex',Iuml:'Latin capital letter I with diaeresis',ETH:'Latin capital letter Eth',Ntilde:'Latin capital letter N with tilde',Ograve:'Latin capital letter O with grave accent',Oacute:'Latin capital letter O with acute accent',Ocirc:'Latin capital letter O with circumflex',Otilde:'Latin capital letter O with tilde',Ouml:'Latin capital letter O with diaeresis',times:'Multiplication sign',Oslash:'Latin capital letter O with stroke',Ugrave:'Latin capital letter U with grave accent',Uacute:'Latin capital letter U with acute accent',Ucirc:'Latin capital letter U with circumflex',Uuml:'Latin capital letter U with diaeresis',Yacute:'Latin capital letter Y with acute accent',THORN:'Latin capital letter Thorn',szlig:'Latin small letter sharp s',agrave:'Latin small letter a with grave accent',aacute:'Latin small letter a with acute accent',acirc:'Latin small letter a with circumflex',atilde:'Latin small letter a with tilde',auml:'Latin small letter a with diaeresis',aring:'Latin small letter a with ring above',aelig:'Latin small letter 忙',ccedil:'Latin small letter c with cedilla',egrave:'Latin small letter e with grave accent',eacute:'Latin small letter e with acute accent',ecirc:'Latin small letter e with circumflex',euml:'Latin small letter e with diaeresis',igrave:'Latin small letter i with grave accent',iacute:'Latin small letter i with acute accent',icirc:'Latin small letter i with circumflex',iuml:'Latin small letter i with diaeresis',eth:'Latin small letter eth',ntilde:'Latin small letter n with tilde',ograve:'Latin small letter o with grave accent',oacute:'Latin small letter o with acute accent',ocirc:'Latin small letter o with circumflex',otilde:'Latin small letter o with tilde',ouml:'Latin small letter o with diaeresis',divide:'Division sign',oslash:'Latin small letter o with stroke',ugrave:'Latin small letter u with grave accent',uacute:'Latin small letter u with acute accent',ucirc:'Latin small letter u with circumflex',uuml:'Latin small letter u with diaeresis',yacute:'Latin small letter y with acute accent',thorn:'Latin small letter thorn',yuml:'Latin small letter y with diaeresis',OElig:'Latin capital ligature OE',oelig:'Latin small ligature oe',372:'Latin capital letter W with circumflex',374:'Latin capital letter Y with circumflex',373:'Latin small letter w with circumflex',375:'Latin small letter y with circumflex',sbquo:'Single low-9 quotation mark',8219:'Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark',bdquo:'Double low-9 quotation mark',hellip:'Horizontal ellipsis',trade:'Trade mark sign',9658:'Black right-pointing pointer',bull:'Bullet',rarr:'Rightwards arrow',rArr:'Rightwards double arrow',hArr:'Left right double arrow',diams:'Black diamond suit',asymp:'Almost equal to'});
downloaden.js Source code - Download Cloud on the CMS (SyCms) v1.95 Source code
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