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  1. var styleSheet=function(e,d){var b;var c=null;if(d==null){c=document.styleSheets}else{c=d.document.styleSheets}if(typeof e=="number"){if(e>=c.length){b=c[c.length-1]}else{b=c[e]}}else{for(var a=0;a<c.length;a++){if(c[a].href==e||(c[a].href&&c[a].href.indexOf(e)!=-1)){b=c[a];break}}}this.sheet=b;this.rules=b.cssRules?b.cssRules:b.rules};styleSheet.prototype.addRuleArray=function(d){var a=new Array(new Array(),new Array());var c=0;str1=d.split("}");for(b=0;b<str1.length-1;b++){if(str1[b].length>0){str2=str1[b].split("{");str4=str2[0].replace("\n","");if(str4.length>0&&str2.length>0){if(str2[1].length>0){a[0][c]=str4.replace("\r","").replace("\n","");a[1][c]=str2[1];c=c+1}}}}for(var b=0;b<a[0].length;b++){this.addRule(a[0][b],a[1][b],b)}};styleSheet.prototype.indexOf=function(a){for(var b=0;b<this.rules.length;b++){if(this.rules[b].selectorText.toLowerCase()==a.toLowerCase()){return b}}return -1};styleSheet.prototype.removeRule=function(b){if(typeof b=="number"){if(b<this.rules.length){this.sheet.removeRule?this.sheet.removeRule(b):this.sheet.deleteRule(b)}}else{var a=this.indexOf(b);this.sheet.removeRule?this.sheet.removeRule(a):this.sheet.deleteRule(a)}};styleSheet.prototype.addRule=function(a,d,e){var c=this.indexOf(a);if(c!=-1){this.removeRule(c);e=c}else{if(typeof e=="undefined"){e=this.rules.length}}var b=a.split(",");for(var c=0;c<b.length;c++){this.sheet.insertRule?this.sheet.insertRule(b[c]+"{"+d+"}",e):this.sheet.addRule(b[c],d,e)}};styleSheet.prototype.setRuleStyle=function(a,d,b){var c=this.indexOf(a);if(c!=-1){this.rules[c].style[d]=b}};styleSheet.prototype.getRuleStyle=function(a,c){var b=this.indexOf(a);return this.rules[b].style[c]};
downloadCssFun.js Source code - Download Cloud on the CMS (SyCms) v1.95 Source code
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