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Return Download Seven VIP jubilee dance CMS management system: download UserReg.asp Source code - Download Seven VIP jubilee dance CMS management system Source code - Type:.asp
  1. <!--#include file="../Sql_Conn.asp"--><!--#include file="../Inc/Inc.asp"--><!--#include file="../Inc/Config.asp"--><%Dim Ylmv_Com_Html:Ylmv_Com_Skin(8)%>
  2. <!--#include file="../Inc/Html_Inc.asp"--><!--#include file="../Inc/Html_Data.asp"--><%if usery<>"yes" then Response.Write "<br><p align=center><font color='red' style='font-size:9pt'>对不起,目前 "&webname&" 已暂停新用户注册,谢谢你的支持 !</font></p>" else Response.Write(Ylmv_Com_Html) end if%>
downloadUserReg.asp Source code - Download Seven VIP jubilee dance CMS management system Source code
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