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  1. Version NEXT [not yet released]
  2. ****************************************************************************************************
  3. - Fixed XHRRequest to append values in both GET and POST scenarios
  4. - Updated documentation:
  5.         * error with LoadItem.method, which showed the wrong case in the default value
  6. - Fixed issue with SpriteSheetLoader.destroy (thanks @Kiv)
  7. - Changed XHR error conditions to only include 400-599. Specifically removed status=0 as an error,
  8.         which affects compiled applications.
  9. - Fixed issue with parameter value in ImageLoader._isLocal check
  10. - Changed tag preloading to use a dedicated container instead of adding all items to the body during
  11.         loading, which will avoid affecting the size of the body.
  12. - General refactoring to utility methods
  13. - Fixed issue with error handler when loading images
  14. - Removed type from DataUtils.parseXML, just default to "text/xml"
  15. - Added FontLoader for preloading CSS-fonts and relative font files
  18. Version 0.6.2 [November 26, 2015]
  19. ****************************************************************************************************
  20. - Fixed SpriteSheetLoader's JSONP loading (thanks @JonLucas)
  21. - Added SpriteSheetLoader support for crossOrigin, basePath, and preferXHR for sub-images
  22. - Removed legacy code in JSON loaders
  23. - Changed LoadQueue Array checks from instanceof to Array.isArray()
  24. - Fixed using XHR to load sounds and video (fixes #160)
  25. - Fixed issue with XHR-loaded images, where bad content stalls a load (and a queue).
  26.         Updated the example that shows this in action.
  27. - Fixed issue where XHR-loaded images might not clean up their respective ObjectURL
  28. - Changed resultFormatter to call methods in scope, and handle both success and fail callbacks
  29. - Removed anonymous functions from resultFormatter
  30. - Removed BrowserDetect from utils (no longer used)
  31. - Updated error event propagation from AbstractLoader to generate new ErrorEvents instead of
  32.         redispatching the existing event
  33. - Fixed script loading when maintainScriptOrder is false (thanks @emlyn)
  34. - Fixed issues with GET requests that have values introduced during refactor
  35. - Added SpriteSheetLoader tests
  36. - Updated tests to do better type checking
  37. - Bower updates: removed bower.json from the exclusions
  38. - Changed callbacks to use createjs.proxy instead of _this
  39. - Documentation updates
  42. Version 0.6.1 [May 21, 2015]
  43. ****************************************************************************************************
  44. - Added error handler to TagRequest (GitHub issue #124)
  45. - Added support for loading files with src set to an object that is then decoded by a plugin
  46. - Fixed parsing of certain SVG files in IE 9/10
  47. - Fixed propagating loaded sub-manifest items
  48. - Fixed XHR support for IE 9
  49. - Support for IE8 has been dropped
  50. - Fixed loading binary files when BLob constructor is not supported (thanks to @thammin)
  51. - Fixed propagating plugins to sub loaders
  52. - Fixed SVG loading on iOS
  53. - XHR text loads now default to UTF-8
  54. - Added DOMUtils for adding/removing HEAD and BODY content
  55. - Separated the cleanup() in LoadQueue to be called separately
  58. Version 0.6.0 [December 12, 2014]
  59. ************************************************************************************************************************
  60. **   Please note PreloadJS 0.6.0 is only compatible with SoundJS 0.6.0 and later. Earlier versions are incompatible. ***
  61. ************************************************************************************************************************
  62. CRITICAL (may break existing content)
  63. - Completely changed how loaders are structured. Tag & XHR loaders have been turned into utilities, and top-level
  64.         content-based loaders are used instead, such as ImageLoader, CSSLoader, etc. The API hasn't changed, but this could
  65.         introduce issues.
  66. - Added low-level classes and utilities, mostly broken out of the existing classes, which makes the re-architecture
  67.         easier. This includes the net/Request classes, and utils/.
  68. - Completely revisited how file paths are parsed. The new version is much less aggressive, and should be more reliable
  69.         and simple to edit.
  70. - re-architected the class and inheritance model
  71.         - initialize methods removed, use MySuperClass_constructor instead
  72.         - helper methods: extend & promote (see the "Utility Methods" docs)
  73.         - property definitions are now instance level, and in the constructor (performance gains)
  74.         - the .constructor is now set correctly on all classes (thanks kaesve)
  76. ****
  77. OTHER:
  78. - Fixed issue with erroneous fileload events when manually changing the src property of an image loaded with PreloadJS.
  79. - Refactored XMLHTTP fallback for old IE
  80. - Added a LoadItem class, a class that can be used in place of the raw objects for load items. Used in the background
  81.         when string paths are used.
  82. - Added "headers" and "withCredentials" property on load items, which is injected into XHR request headers.
  83. - Added support for an optional "maintainOrder" property on load items, which makes PreloadJS ensure they get loaded in
  84.         order. Items other than tag-loaded scripts will be loaded at any time (depending on the setMaxConnections() value,
  85.         however they will always finish in the order specified.
  86. - Added bower support, including grunt task for updating the bower.json
  87. - Fixed issues with tag-loaded files preloaded before the body tag is available
  88. - Added .gitignore to subfolders under /docs (thanks mcfarljw)
  89. - Improved EventDispatcher's handling of redispatched event objects
  90. - Added ProgressEvent to simplify progress events, and for usage in the new system
  91. - Added ErrorEvent to createjs package, and changed usages throughout PreloadJS
  92. - Changed ManifestLoader to automatically load sub-content before dispatching complete. Uses an internal LoadQueue.
  93. - Added SpriteSheetLoader to preload json files, their contents, and create a SpriteSheet before "complete".
  94. - Added resultFormatter to LoadItems to handle XML, JSON, etc parsing, which can be user-overridden.
  95. - Updated json polyfill to use json3
  96. - Build process updates to remove unnecessary copyright headers from the combined file.
  97. - Added unit tests. Run them from the tests/ folder.
  100. Version 0.4.1 [December 12, 2013]
  101. ************************************************************************************************************************
  102. CRITICAL (may break existing content)
  103. - Single files that are NOT manifests can no longer be loaded using loadManifest(). Use loadFile instead.
  104. - Items have relevant path/basePaths prepended to the src. Auto-generated IDs will include a path (from a manifest),
  105.         but not a basePath.
  106. - LOAD_TIMEOUT changed to loadTimeout. LOAD_TIMEOUT is deprecated, but still supported in this version.
  108. ****
  109. - Changed XHR-loaded scripts to automatically add to the document body after loading
  110. - Added SamplePlugin class to assist with updated plugin documentation
  111. - Fixed the rawResult when loading XML
  112. - Deprecated the "basePath" argument on loadFile() and loadManifest() methods
  113. - Added file-based manifest support. Supported approaches include loading a single JSON/JSONP file, or a JavaScript
  114.         object that defines a manifest of files, as well as an optional "path" property, which is prepended to each file in
  115.         the list (in addition to the queue's basePath).
  116. - Lots of minor fixes to code, including formatting and clean up.
  117. - Added file-based manifest support. Loading a single JSON file that defines a manifest object will
  118.         automatically load the files in the manifest. Included a sample.
  119. - Changed all text load types to be UTF-8 encoded.
  120. - AbstractLoader changed to extend EventDispatcher, instead of using a mix-in.
  121. - Major documentation pass.
  122. - Fixed issue with XHR scripts and maxConnections.
  123. - Added an argument to LoadQueue to specify a crossOrigin property on images tags generated by PreloadJS.
  124. - included a sample htaccess file in /extras that can be used to serve CORS-safe images.
  125. - added willTrigger method to EventDispatcher
  126. - Wrapped XML parsing in a try/catch. CocoonJS doesn't support it, and Opera has occasional issues with XML.
  129. Version 0.4.0 [September 25, 2013]
  130. ************************************************************************************************************************
  131. CRITICAL (may break existing content):
  132. - removed all onEvent handlers (ex. onClick, onTick, onAnimationEnd, etc)
  133. - updated EventDispatcher with latest bubbling model, and the Event class
  135. ****
  136. - implemented createjs Utils
  137. - implemented "use strict" mode
  138. - Fixed issue where a null parameter would cause remove() to reset a queue (removeAll)
  139. - Fixed documentation where JSONP was doc'd as a second JSON
  140. - Added description about file types to main LoadQueue description, including example.
  141. - Fixed edge case where an unmatched file pattern would cause errors
  142. - Handled cases with no extension
  143. - Fixed an issue with EventDispatcher when adding the same listener to an event twice
  144. - Updated the build process to use NodeJS & Grunt.js. Please refer to the readme in the build folder.
  147. Version 0.3.1 [May 10, 2013]
  148. ****************************************************************************************************
  149. - Fix for removeAll method error
  150. - Updated file validation RegExp. Supports double-byte characters, prevents partial matches, better
  151.         support for relative paths, improved matching of domains, and modified the "file name" match to
  152.         include the extension (file.mp3 instead of file). The match arguments have not changed otherwise.
  153.         Also used the "extended" argument to make the pattern more readable.
  154. - Extension comparisons are now case-insensitive
  155. - Added getAllResponseHeaders() and getResponseHeader() to XHRLoader
  156. - Added loader parameter to LoadQueue's fileload event.
  157. - Added support for JSONP. Requires a "callback" parameter on the load item that maps to the JSONP callback
  158. - Now setting the result object to any JSON parse errors that occur.
  159. - Now allowing GET and POST requests. Pass a new values option when loading a file to send that data
  160.         as a GET. For a POST request set the new method value to POST.
  161. - Fixed an issue where setting max connections on an empty queue would trigger a complete event.
  162. - Added a "filestart" event (thanks zvxy)
  163. - Fixed naming of the "loadstart" event (used to be "loadStart")
  164. - Added support for a "basePath" parameter on LoadQueue constructor, and loadFile and loadManifest
  165.         methods, which will prepend a path onto all file loads without modifying the load item. Updated
  166.         all demos to use the new approach. Note that paths with a protocol (http://) will ignore basePath.
  167. - Added a public method "buildPath" to AbstractLoader, which compiles a full source path using a path,
  168.         basePath, and query object
  169. - Fixed documentation on progress and fileprogress to display the right property name for progress
  170. - Fixed AbstractLoader progress event to include the progress property.
  171. - Fixed IE7/8/9 support for SVG, XML, and other load events.
  172. - Fixed proxy so deprecated method doesn't override the global one.
  173. - Fixed several IE 6-8 bugs.
  174. - Fixed svg flickering while loading on Opera.
  175. - Fixed issue where operations such as setMaxConnections would unpause a queue
  178. Version 0.3.0 [Feb 12, 2013]
  179. ****************************************************************************************************
  180. - Class name changed from createjs.PreloadJS to createjs.LoadQueue.
  181. - Added versions file that is automatically updated via the build process, which provides run-time
  182.         version information on the new PreloadJS object
  183. - Migrated to new NodeJS-based doc/build process
  184. - Added version file, which is updated via the build process, and injects build date and version
  185.         into the PreloadJS object
  186. - Added JSDocs to all protected and private methods, and expanded documentation considerably
  187. - Added indexOf shim and HTMLAudioElement check to provide IE7/8 support
  188. - Changed internal proxy method to live on createjs namespace, and support additional parameters.
  189. - Added methods to clear and reset the preload queue (remove, removeAll, and reset)
  190. - Changed how the XHR level is determined
  191. - Changed how request responses in XHR are determined
  192. - Changed XHR loading for SCRIPT and CSS tags to inject into tags, instead of reloading them
  193. - Added tag-based loading of SCRIPT, SVG, and CSS tags. Note that Scripts can only be loaded one
  194.         at a time to maintain load order when using tags.
  195. - Removed XHR-loading of AUDIO tags for use with HTMLAudioElement (can not properly preload)
  196. - Added BINARY file type and enabled plugin-overriding of types
  197. - Added better file name parsing via RegExp
  198. - Added CreateJS EventDispatcher support, and updated demos to use events.
  199. - Added rawResult, which is the unformatted result loaded via XHR. Update the getResult method toreturn
  200.         it (optionally).
  201. - Changed how event objects are constructed. Events now contain an "item" property, which contains
  202.         the initially requested object. The items contain a "result" property which points
  203.         to the loaded & parsed content, as well as a "rawResult".
  204. - Internal reorganization of entire library
  205. - Much more thorough documentation and examples
  206. - Moved onFileLoad and onFileProgress event/handlers from AbstractLoader to PreloadJS
  207. - Added parsing of XML, JSON, and JavaScript files to return formatted results
  208. - Added setUseXHR method to provide proper xhr setting after a queue is created.
  211. Version 0.2.0 [Aug 24, 2012]
  212. ****************************************************************************************************
  213. - moved all classes into a configurable createjs namespace
  214. - added support for preloading SVG files
  215. - Fixed issues with loading in mobile (Android) browsers
  216. - Fixed various loading issues throughout
  217. - added tag-based fallback for images loaded with XHR that fail due to local restrictions
  218. - Canceling loads now prevents complete, error, and other callbacks from firing.
  219. - Unloaded code in IE9/10 will not cause RTE when asynchronous callbacks occur.
  222. Version 0.1.0 [Apr 2, 2012]
  223. ****************************************************************************************************
  224. Initial release.
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