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  1. # lib directory
  2. This directory contains compressed versions of the PreloadJS library, including the most recent tagged release and the
  3. in-progress NEXT release.
  5. Both combined and minified versions of the library are included. The former being useful for debugging, and the latter
  6. for deployment.
  8. You can also link to the libraries on the [CreateJS CDN](, to benefit from faster load times
  9. and shared caching across sites.
  12. # libraries
  13. **preloadjs-VERSION.min.js** contains minified versions of all of the EaselJS classes (comments and white space stripped).
  14. **preloadjs-VERSION.combined.js** contains all the EaselJS classes, including whitespace and comments.
  17. # license
  18. The libraries are 漏2010, inc., and made available under the highly permissive MIT open source software
  19. license. See the source file header for the full license text.
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