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Chinese enterprise website management system (WebmengWeb) v8.0.2 Show Webmeng_category_help.frm Source code

Return Download Chinese enterprise website management system (WebmengWeb) v8.0.2: download Webmeng_category_help.frm Source code - Download Chinese enterprise website management system (WebmengWeb) v8.0.2 Source code - Type:.frm
  2.         0i!      !ir!// 
  3. PRIMARY0MyISAM>Pk   )                                        cat_id       cat_nameintrolevel
  4. parent_id     
  5. sort_path
  6. sort status!     FZ@! I,_! 
  7. ! 
  8. !
  9. E!
  10. !  !'cat_idcat_nameintrolevelparent_idsort_pathsortstatus类别名称类别描述类别层级父类id类别路径类别排序状态 0已删除 1已启用 2已禁用
downloadWebmeng_category_help.frm Source code - Download Chinese enterprise website management system (WebmengWeb) v8.0.2 Source code
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