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VCL interface controls the toolbar TmxOutlookBarPro v2.13 Show mxOutlookBarPro_C5.cpp Source code

Return Download VCL interface controls the toolbar TmxOutlookBarPro v2.13: download mxOutlookBarPro_C5.cpp Source code - Download VCL interface controls the toolbar TmxOutlookBarPro v2.13 Source code - Type:.cpp
  1. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. #include <vcl.h>
  4. #pragma hdrstop
  5. USERES("mxOutlookBarPro_C5.res");
  6. USEPACKAGE("vcl50.bpi");
  7. USEPACKAGE("vcldbx50.bpi");
  8. USEPACKAGE("vcldb50.bpi");
  9. USEPACKAGE("vclbde50.bpi");
  10. USEPACKAGE("vclx50.bpi");
  11. USEUNIT("mxOutlookBarProReg.pas");
  12. USERES("mxOutlookBarProReg.dcr");
  13. USEFORMNS("mxOutlookBarProAbout.pas", Mxoutlookbarproabout, frm_OutlookProAboutBox);
  14. USEFORMNS("mxOutlookBarProEditor.pas", Mxoutlookbarproeditor, mxHeaderEditor);
  15. USEUNIT("mxOutlookBarPro.pas");
  16. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  17. #pragma package(smart_init)
  18. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. //   Package source.
  21. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. #pragma argsused
  24. int WINAPI DllEntryPoint(HINSTANCE hinst, unsigned long reason, void*)
  25. {
  26. return 1;
  27. }
  28. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
downloadmxOutlookBarPro_C5.cpp Source code - Download VCL interface controls the toolbar TmxOutlookBarPro v2.13 Source code
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